Jeremy Allan Hawkins


Jeremy Allan Hawkins is a writer born in New York City and raised in the Hudson Valley. He has earned degrees from Kenyon College, the University of Alabama, and l’Université de Strasbourg. He is an alumnus of the Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project and the New York City Teaching Fellows, as well as the US Fulbright Program. He lives in France.




“To Ease Yourself,” “You Must Become a Bear,” “Reflections Without the French,” & “This Has Kept Me” – FOLDER (forthcoming)

“Because a Paper Crane is Deathless” & “Flotsam” – New Orleans Review, Issue 41 (2015)

About the Coming Down” – The Paris-American, April 2015

Valjevo 1915,” “Study of Iron Horses,” & “Seasonal Dress” – Waxwing, Issue V – Spring 2015

But Who Thinks of the Skunk” & “The Salvers” – Rappahannock Review, Issue 1.3

“Immolation” – Another Chicago Magazine, Vol. 52, 2014

“To Say the Imagination” – Ninth Letter, Fall 2012 / Winter 2013, Vol. 9, Issue 2

Where We Relied Too Much on Optics” – RealPoetik, May 2012

Photos of Cherry Blossoms” – Harvard Review, Issue 42 Spring/Summer 2012

“So He Fell Straight as a Pine” – The Laurel Review

“L’Avventura (1960)” & “Romanian Folk Dance No. 3: Pe loc (1915)” –

Cavalier Literary Couture, July 2011

Salvage“& “Certainties in Texas” – Salamander, Spring/Summer Issue 2011

“Study No. 2″ – Hayden’s Ferry Review, Issue 48 Spring/Summer 2011

“Four Poems” – PANK! Online, April 2011

“The Prelude After” & “The Crocus Thief” – Tin House, Issue 46, Winter 2010

“Hark” – Slash Pine 2010 Festival Anthology, Slash Pine Press

“Reading the Runes” – American, Canadian, and British Studies, Vol. 11, 2009



“A Ride to Bucharest in Mihai’s Skoda” – Sun Dog Lit (forthcoming) (in collaboration with Brian Oliu)

“Frank Lloyd Wright, the Interstate, and the House: A Romance” – Housetalk:

A Flying House Forum, February 2011

Have Fun in Romania” – Super Arrow, No. 3, 2011 (in collaboration with Brian Oliu)

“Apotheosis” – Dislocate Magazine, Spring Issue, 2009


Poetry Criticism:

“The Lost Novel” – Pleiades (forthcoming Winter 2016)

“All You Do Is Perceive” – Pleiades, 35.2 – Summer 2015

“Unpeopled Eden” – Pleiades, 35.1 – Winter 2015

Direct Address – On Claudia Rankine’s Citizen: An American Lyric” – The Hairsplitter, November 2014

Sonnets to the Humans” – Atticus Review, 2013

Corinna A-Maying the Apocalypse” – Zoland Poetry, 2010

“A Sunday in God-Years” – Pleiades, Issue 30.2, 2010

Paper Children” – Zoland Poetry, 2008

“Dismal Rock” – The Black Warrior Review, 2008

Analects on a Chinese Screen” – Zoland Poetry, 2007


Film Criticism:

Whimsy and Horror: On Michel Gondry’s Mood Indigo” – The Hairsplitter, August 2014

Five Lessons from ‘The Fog of War’” – Cinespect, March 2013

Death by Piano” – Cinespect, March 2012

Lars von Trier’s Grip on Reality” – Cinespect, February 2012


If you’re looking for Jeremy Hawkins the Novelist, my friendly and talented doppelgänger, whose debut novel, The Last Days of Video, is out now from Soft Skull Press, please check him out HERE.