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This week marks the arrival of the Global Connects with SGSAH (Scottish Graduate School of Arts and Humanities), an International Summer School hosted online from July 4th to 8th. I am extremely pleased to participate in this diverse and vibrant event, both to present my doctoral research in progress but also to have an opportunity to highlight my recent research exchange with the SFC Saltire Emerging Researcher Scheme.

Tomorrow, July 5th, at 3pm BST, I’ll join a panel of presenters in the Regenerative Practices through Embodiment event. I’ll be discussing how my research has evolved from pre-doctoral stages up to my most recent collaboration with the Chair of Methods of Analysis and Imagination at the TU Delft Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. On one hand, it will be an opportunity to show how my practice has developed through a series of situated observations and reflections. On the other hand, I’ll be introducing pedagogical work I did with Assistant Professor Angeliki Sioli of TU Delft, who will join me to discuss the collaboration before broadening the scope to show related pedagogical experimentation undertaken within the Chair of Methods of Analysis and Imagination. We will also be presenting with Martina Saric (University of Glasgow), the event chair, and Marlene Zijlstra (University of West Scotland), both of whose work offers intriguing resonances with ours, I believe.

Then, on Thursday, July 7th, from 11am-4pm BST, I’ll be participating in the SFC Saltire Emerging Researcher Showcase: Scotland and Europe Research Collaborations. In this event, I’ll be presenting the results of my research exchange in progress with TU Delft, including a look at some of the materials I have collected and some preliminary outputs. The best aspect of this event, though, will be the variety of excellent work from my colleagues in the Saltire Scheme, who will also be presenting their rich and meaningful research, undertaken with partners across Europe. It will certainly be a display of research abundance for the Arts and Humanities.

If you would like to attend, registration for Global Connects is free with Eventbrite, though it is required to sign up for each event individually. I look forward to seeing you there!

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